8th International Event Bioconnect 2016

Networking and new business opportunities within the Life Sciences sector in Mexico

The Life Sciences sector in Mexico is a field with tremendous strategic capabilities — there are clear investment opportunities here. For years, biotechs in Mexico have nurtured productive relationships between the research centers and universities seeking to strengthen their capacities for research and development of new business areas.

This Eighth International Bioconnect 2016 conference aims to promote innovation within the life sciences sector and strengthen the relationship between the Public Sector, Academia, and Private Industry in Mexico  with the following objectives:

Presentation of global trends and business opportunities relating to:  

  • Support for innovation in the form of Private and Public Funding
  • CROs (Contract Research Organization) and Clinical Studies
  • Transit Industry Academy
  • Biotechnology in Mexico (Panorama and Business Opportunities)
  • Regulatory Framework (presented by Cofepris)
  • Medical Devices and Associated Software
  • Technology Transfer & Techniques
  • Intellectual Property
  • Networking between participants at various  levels (Government Officials, Academics, Entrepreneurs).
  • Showcase the portfolios of different projects from various research centres in order to generate commercial and strategic alliances.
  • Presentation by  companies’ manufacturers and their supply requirements within the Life Sciences Sector.
  • Round-table discussions about  opportunities to  to link the local business environment  with national and international actors.
  • Presentation of Mexican support and funding programs
  • Conferences discussing issues relevant to companies, researchers, teachers and students.

The organizers  of the event expect  representatives  of different niches within the Life Sciences Sector, such as: BioPharma (Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Clinical Trials) including research centers and universities focused on this sector, as well as:

  • Representatives of the industry (consultants), entrepreneurs, SMEs
  • National and international executives representing vendors and buyers within the Life Sciences Sector.

Areas of Opportunities

Bioconnect aims to offer a series of activities for professionals within the Life Sciences Sector. These activities will also cater to individuals working in agriculture and energy:

  • Speaker Panels: Presented and moderated by industry leaders from around the world.
  • Business Development: Seminars explaining the various processes of Business Development, whether SME>SME, Academics>Entrepreneurs, or Business>Government.
  • Research Showcase:  Mexican Research Centers are invited to share their findings within the Life Sciences Sector.
  • Expo or Exhibitors Area: Installation of 15 stands for national SMEs in the Life Sciences Sector, public institutions, academies and research institutes.
  • Business meetings between the Industry and the Academy:  Encouraging   teamwork  between participants (SMEs, entrepreneurs, academics and research centres) in informal or formal way through individual meetings.

Dynamic of Participation

The main activities include seminars and other activities to facilitate networking between participants at different levels (government officials, academics, entrepreneurs) Bioconnect plans these activities previously with an agreed methods through the Bioconnect web site in order to obtain better results.

Please click here to see the available 1-on-1 sessions.

Project Proposal Submission

If you are a researcher and you wish to register your project, please register here.


Mexican National Academy of Sciences

Los Cipreses,
San Andres Totoltepec.
14400, Mexico City, Mexico, Federal District


The event will have exclusive allocated spaces for parking.




Fees to Access the Event

The 2016 Conference has an entry fee.

This Eighth International Bioconnect 2016 conference aims to promote innovation within the life sciences sector and strengthen  the relationship between the Public Sector, Academia,  and Private Industry in Mexico.

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